WIP Update

So I have two different projects that I am working on at this time. Most of my time and focus is on my commissions but when I need a break, I work on Brenda’s Secret Blanket. I am happy to say that I have learned how to use double pointed needles (DPNs) and to do a Pinhole Cast on. I have never been able to manage before these projects. I am also happy to report that I actually enjoy working on DPNs and I have ordered shorter ones since I think the 8in ones I have are too long. I also ordered some US0 (sock needles) to see if I like knitting socks with them. That may not happen since I do love doing my socks two at a time (TAAT). We will see. I am a bit afraid that I will snap the sock needles in half but we will see.

Rachel’s Morning Coffee Socks *commission*

I have completed the cuff on the sock. I am making these cuff down or from the ribbing down to the toe. This is the first time I am making cuff down socks as I normally prefer toe up construction. I am finding working cuff down to be an interesting combination.

Brenda’s Starflower Blanket

I posted a photo of the Starflower blanket pattern on my personal Facebook account and was hoping someone would want the blanket. My mom, Brenda, came to the rescue and asked me to make it. Then to make matters even more fun she told me to pick the colors for her. So I did. Since she will be able to see this, you only get to see my template motif. I learned how to do the Pinwheel Cast On and how to knit on DPNs. I am extremely happy with myself for that. I will not show WIP photos of this one beyond the template motif so that way Brenda does not see it until I have it done, lol.

  • Pattern Name: Starflower
  • Designer Name: Tin Can Knits
  • Yarn Used: Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn
  • Color(s): Grey (this is the yarn for the template not the final project)
  • Needle Used: US 0 (2.0 mm)

More WIP & a FO

So, I finished a Christmas Reindeer for my training supervisor. I believe it is one of the cutest things I have ever made. I posted this one on Facebook a few weeks ago and when my training supervisor saw it, she asked if I could make it. I happily said yes and as soon as I got done with the other six toys were done, I started on this one. Surprisingly this one did not take as long as I thought it would. The small pieces were fiddley, but I got them to work. If you want the info on the pattern and yarn, I used just comment here.

Now I have two pairs of socks to complete and a blanket to complete. I should also find time to work on my temperature blanket sometime, lol. I think I am on the month of January still on it. Though I have kept track of the temperatures each day so I can follow them when I work on it. I am making it into a king size blanket when it is done. I have no clue how I am going to wash it when it is done. I also have another pair of socks for JR, his blanket, and several other UFOs to complete. My work never ends, lol.

My next photo is from the socks I am making Rachel.

Pattern: Morning Coffee Socks
Yarn: Yarn Bee Authentic Hand-Dyed in Myrid Lights

I am still working on the cuff. Though I only have ten more rounds more to go before starting the actual pattern. I just cannot decide which side I like better. The one on the left is inside out but I love the texture look. The one on the right is right side out so it is smooth looking.

Hi There!!!!

So, this shouldn’t be a new site for most of you, but this is where I am going to be showcasing my crafts. I knit & I crochet mostly. I am hoping to have galleries and the ability to make custom orders based on my knitting & crochet work.

I have been knitting & crocheting most of my life. I do not claim to be the best or the fastest. I do enjoy completing each & every project I start. I enjoy making socks & blankets the most. I enjoy the magic of that I can take a skein of yarn and turn it into a pair of socks or blanket (along with making several other items also). So come on this journey with me & let us see what chaos we can create.